Register SuperMap Online Account

Step1 Use your mobile phone number to register an account

Visit and click the "register " in the upper right corner to enter the user registration page of SuperMap Online. As shown in the figure below, enter your user name, password, mobile phone number and other information in turn, obtain and enter the verification code, then click the "Creat account" button.

After successful registration, you will see the following page, select the 'complete personal information' button to further improve your account.

Step2 Complete personal information

If you choose to complete your personal information, you can modify username, mobile phone number, password and email address on this page. After completing the personal information such as email, you can use the online trial license of the SuperMap GIS software for free or apply for the offline trial license.

Step3 Experience SuperMap Online

After registration, you can start to use the various functions of SuperMap Online. Faced with different needs, you can: