Make Maps and Display Data

SuperMap Online Cloud Application provides you with a variety of online WebApps. Register and login your SuperMap Online account, then you can use these WebApps to make maps, analyze data,and share map with others. you can:

This example will lead you to quickly create and share the following map in the cloud application-DataViz. If you want to learn about other functions of the DataViz, click to learn more.

Create and display a map using the DataViz

Step1 Open the DataViz

You can click the DataViz in the application center, and click "Experience Now". You can also click "Resource Center", "Map", and "Create Map" to open the DataViz.

Step2 Upload GIS data

Click "Upload File" to select and upload your GIS data. The above data supports uploading of spatial data in CSV/EXCEL/GeoJson and other formats.

Step3 Make a map

After the addition is complete, you can choose to make different types of thematic maps. In this example, the "heat map" is selected. After the selection is complete, you can modify the "Display Field", "Legend Color" and so on. You can add a legend。 Click the Back Home button, then click "Legend" to display the legend.

Step4 Save and share the map

Click the save button, enter the map name and label and other information to save your map. After saving, you can click the share button to share the map with others in the form of a link or QR code.