The MapDashboard adopts drag-and-drop free layout, no coding is required, and full graphical editing. The large screen application is composed of multiple visual components, such as: maps, scenes, charts, indicators, text, etc. The general process of creating a large map screen includes: Create Project, Add Components, Design Components, Preview, Save and Download.

Create Project

You can click the MapDashboard in the application center, and click "Get Started" on the pop-up page. You can also click "Resource Center", "MapDashboard", and "Create MapDashboard" to open the map screen. In the resource center, you can view or edit the large screen of the map you have saved. On the pop-up page of choosing a MapDashboard, you can directly select the MapDashboard template we provided for you, or click "New" to start building an exclusive MapDashboard application from scratch based on a blank canvas.

Add Components

The MapDashboard WebApp provides a rich library of visual components, including maps, layouts, map sub-components, charts, foundations, data, tools, etc. You can directly add components to the Dashbord by dragging interactively.

Design Components

Click on the component on the big screen to set the content and interaction of the component on the right toolbar. You can add the map you made in DataViz, you can also add the data you uploaded or published services in Cloud Storage.

Preview, Save and Download

The MapDashboard can automatically adapt to the PC, Web and mobile terminals. You can switch the MapDashboard size by clicking on the upper navigation bar, or you can set the large screen size by yourself. After setting, click the play button to preview.

After making the MapDashboard, click the save button in the upper right corner to save the current MapDashboard. After saving the MapDashboard, you can get the sharing link by setting permissions in the "Resource Center", "My MapDashboard". You can also click the download button to download the source code of the MapDashboard to the local as a compressed package to deploy the MapDashboard application offline.

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