DataInsights provides local and online multi-source spatial data access, dynamic visualization, interactive chart analysis and spatial analysis capabilities. With simple operation methods and data linkage effects, it helps you to tap the potential value of spatial data and provide business decisions. The general process of making data insights includes: Create New DataInsights, Add Data, Add Views, Change Layer Properties, Perform Spatial Analysis, Save and Share.

Create New DataInsights

You can click DataInsights in the application center, and click "Get Started" in the pop-up page. You can also click "Resource Center", "Insights", and "Create Insights" to open DataInsights. In the Resource Center, you can view or edit the DataInsights you have saved.

Add data

Click "Add Data" and select the method of adding data in the pop-up dialog box. You can directly upload files or use sample data, or you can directly call the data and published services you uploaded in Cloud Storage. Click "Data" to view the attribute table of the added data.

Add Views

You can directly click "Add Views" on the workbench page or click the "Add Views" button in the upper right corner.

You can choose to add map, chart, text, or image views. If you want to add a map view, you can also directly add the map you made in DataViz. The views added to the workbench can be dragged arbitrarily and placed on demand.

Change Layer Properties

You can change the data attributes in the view. Click the view that needs to be changed, and modify the thematic style of the current map in the toolbar on the right.

Perform Spatial Analysis

You can perform spatial analysis on the current data, including: buffers, isoline, isosurfaces, overlay analysis, voronoi, and inverse distance weighted interpolation. The analysis result can be downloaded as GeoJSON format.

Save and Share

After the production is complete, click the save button in the upper right corner to save the current data insight project. You can also click the share button to modify the permissions and share the project with others in the form of a link. The produced project can also be exported as PDF or PNG.

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