Build A Professional GIS Application Platform

If you already have basic data and server, and you want to purchase SuperMap GIS software such as SuperMap iServer as your GIS server for building a professional GIS application platform. You can purchase SuperMap GIS software license through SuperMap Online, we provide you with Document License and Cloud License. After the purchase, you can download the SuperMap GIS software from the Technical Resource Center.

SuperMap Online provides you with online purchase of licenses for a variety of SuperMap GIS software. Include:

This example will lead you: Purchase Cloud License of SuperMap iDesktop Basic Edition in SuperMap Online, and download SuperMap iDesktop and use the cloud license.

Purchase a cloud license and use it

Step1 Purchase cloud license in SuperMap Online

Open SuperMap Online, click "Buy" and "Purchase License". On the pop-up page, select "For desktop users" and click "SuperMap iDesktop 10i Basic Edition". Select "License Time" as one week, and "License Type" as Cloud License. Click "Buy Now", check the order information, fill in the invoice information and click "Save and Pay". The page will automatically jump to the Alipay page, just scan the QR code to pay.

Step2 Use cloud license in SuperMap iDesktop

Download and open SuperMap iDesktop 10i, select the "Online" tab, and click "Guest". In the login page, enter the SuperMap Online account you logged in when you purchased the cloud license to activate the license and use it. Click to learn more about the features of cloud licensing.

Now, you can start to use SuperMap iDesktop for map mapping, geographic data management, spatial data analysis, and extended development. If you have other requirements, you can also choose to purchase other versions of SuperMap iDesktop licenses and choose the corresponding expansion modules. Click and learn about the differences and usage methods of different versions of SuperMap iDesktop.