Purchase Cloud License

Currently, SuperMap GIS 10i and 9D versions, the 8.1.1 version and later versions of the 8C product series support the use of cloud licenses.

Purchase Cloud License

The basic process of purchasing GIS platform software cloud license in SuperMap Online:

  1. Log in to SuperMap Online and visit the "Timed License" page.

  2. Click to select the product, such as SuperMap iDesktop 10i Professional Edition, and set the specific information of the purchased product:

  • Choose the license time according to your needs, and the period ranges from 1 week to 3 years
  • Select the license type as "cloud license", and select the number of licenses and expansion modules as needed
  • Click the "Buy Now" button
  1. Enter the order information page, enter your basic information, including the user unit, industry, and location, and click the "Save and Pay button".
  2. After completing the payment via Alipay, the page will automatically jump to "My License".
  3. After the purchase is completed, the user account that purchased the license will be defaulted as the authorized user. You can assign and manage your cloud licenses on the "My License" , "Cloud License" pages. On the "Cloud License" page, you can view the purchase date, expiration time, and remaining days.
  4. If you need to distribute the license to others, you can assign and manage the cloud license on the My Cloud License page. If not, you can start Use cloud license in the product.