GIS Data Storage, Data Security storage in Cloud

You can use SuperMap GIS cloud storage service whenever you want to use spatial data online, which can safely storage your data in cloud fast.

You need only to log in to the SuperMap Online account on the Web page or SuperMap iDesktop. You can upload and store GIS data - workspace / UDB / Shapefile / Excel / CSV and other spatial data in the cloud platform.

After completing the data upload,you can easily use your saved data through Web/PC/mobile Apps or REST APIs such as Map, Data, 3D, etc. You can browse data directly 2D or 3D scenes and retrieve or query data online. When you need to update the data, you can easily edit the data online directly and update it in real time without the tedious steps of downloading, editing and re-uploading. More importantly, you can use professional GIS analysis algorithms to directly analyze your data online and finding spatial value.

GIS cloud storage fulfills needs of enterprise users, meet high concurrency, highly availability of online data,and provide services for individual users also. Simply sign up for a SuperMap Online account and enjoy unlimited 1GB free space.

In addition, you can modify and publish business data for operation and maintenance of enterprise-level, stable and reliable multiple online GIS services in SuperMap Online. You only need to formulate business data and can call the REST API provided by online directly without concern for the hardware, software environment and do not require deployment and maintenance. From business data to your web application, SuperMap Online implements all the intermediate links for you.

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