GIS Cloud Host, Quick Formation of GIS Public Cloud

Traditionally, it is difficult to build a GIS server. It requires purchasing machines, deploying networks, purchasing/downloading GIS software, purchasing licenses and setting up a GIS environment. These are a long and complex tasks and the cost of investment is relatively high.

Using public cloud technology, SuperMap Online GIS cloud host provides you to quick builds GIS servers’ services by renting and building on-demand, flexibly responding to business needs, reducing initial investment costs, improving operation and maintenance efficiency and making users more intensive. In the fundamental business it is a simple, efficient and flexible GIS cloud service.

In addition to use GIS cloud hosts in complete Internet environment, you can also easily build GIS servers through GIS cloud hosts and cloud licenses in other environments, for example if your data needs be placed in the Intranet, you can build both intranet and external GIS server. This not only fulfills requirements of data confidentiality but also streamlines the building process of GIS server. In addition to that, if you have purchased common cloud hosts such as Aliyun and Jingdongyun, you can build a GIS server by deploying SuperMap GIS cloud platform software with cloud license.

SuperMap Online offers standard, professional, advanced and optional versions of GIS cloud hosting to fulfill project needs in different circumstances.

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