Use of Thematic Geographic Data

For solving multi-source GIS data acquisition and integration complications, SuperMap Online ( brings an extensive range of online thematic data together with many data partners. You can use the GIS data resources distinctively and no longer need to find, communicate, and integrate by yourself. Complex multi-source data has compiled which can be use easily. In SuperMap Online, online thematic data saves the cost of data collation and access.

You can visualize the data directory online, comprehend the effect of 2D and 3D data perusing, discover and customize rich geographic thematic data, including basic maps, remote sensing images, real-time road conditions, real-time PM2.5, as well as 2D and 3D business data covering the public, industry, natural climate and administrative zoning, etc.

  • You can look data details online and make vector base maps from Internet maps, online thematic maps based on base maps or call REST API for online development.

  • The base map of remote sensing image from Sky Map covers Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Hainan, Taiwan, etc. Some of the cities have online browsing resolution up to 2.1 meters. For commercial applications or higher accuracy of image data feel free to contact us.

  • Basic analysis services for online use which includes coordinate transformation, geocoding, local search, route navigation, etc. You can directly call REST API 10,000 times/day to develop GIS applications.

  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D sample data covering the public, industry, natural climate and administrative zoning and other 2D and 3D business data. You can easily browse the particulars of the data online. You can also call the map service for online development based on REST API or click directly to download the data in UDB format.

  • Access real-time data from the open platform of the National real-time traffic conditions, global real-time Air Quality Index AQI (mainly PM 2.5). These real-time data is open to access online in the form of REST interface. You can directly call it, analyze and superimpose into the web application.

  • Thematic data from Dituhui, HuatongRen and other accomplices, comprising street-level population, economy, enterprises, residential areas and other data which can be customized according to your needs.

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