GIS Cloud Application, Easy to Present Data

SuperMap Online presents several WebApps, which are free to use and allows you to use your data online in a variety of ways. It includes interactive display, editing and analysis, without writing the code.


DataViz provides several map services such as heat maps, segmentation maps, single value maps and other different styles of thematic maps, in order to help you to achieve fast data uploads and REST services call to create different thematic maps. In addition to the data stored in the GIS storage cloud, you can also add other web layers or upload data files to the base map. You can create label layers to edit data online, including adding, deleting, and modifying feature information.

You can easily embed your maps results in web pages or other applications. It can be shared through QR codes or other social tools.


DataInsights is a tool used for data analysis and help to build online interactive analysis of geographic data. You can use the professional GIS analysis tools such as buffer, contour, interpolation, etc. to investigate and mine your spatial information. You can also use statistical analysis approaches such as histogram, pie chart, radar chart, box chart, word cloud, etc. Consolidating GIS spatial analysis with statistical analysis, you can discover the mystery of the data together. At the same time, you can export all analysis results as an intuitive results report that you can share or download online.


MapDashboard is a quick, flexible and effective Web application for geographic data visualization. It provides portal data access, interactive data visualization and other capabilities. With rich style settings, it is convenient for you to quickly create two or three dimensional map applications online, and visually display geospatial data in a clear way. You can use the provided templates directly to create a large display of the map by adding the data you need to display, or you can design your own templates by adding components. Support online maps making, charts, etc., also support direct call map that you create by using DataViz. At the same time, the large screen made can be downloaded and saved or shared through QR code and viewed on the mobile terminal.

3D Earth

Earth is a plug-in online 3D visualization platform. You can open your saved 3D data directly in 3D scenes, including tiles photographs, artificial modeling models, BIM and many other 3D data. Meanwhile, it provides an easy to use online 3D analysis tool for easy access to visual analysis, visual domain analysis, and shadow rate analysis. Your created 3D scenes can be saved online and can easily be shared with others.

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