GIS Document License, SuperMapGIS Software Routine Use Way

GIS file license supports use in an Intranet, Local Area Network(LAN) or offline. It is important that the use of the file license is strictly restricted, and only supported use on the same computer which the file license is activated.

If you need to use the SuperMap GIS products offline in your Intranet environment and only use the license on a fixed computer, it is recommended that you purchase GIS file license. You can purchase file licenses in SuperMap Online, then you can download and write the license information of the software into the license file through the license center. Finally, activate it to the computer(or server) to take effect.

SuperMap Online offers SuperMap GIS 10i and 9D versions, it also offers the 8.1.1 and later file licenses for the 8C product series, with the option to purchase the Basic, Professional, or Premium editions. You can select the extension modules and license available time as needed also.

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