GIS Cloud License, A New Method to Use SuperMap GIS Software

GIS cloud license is an emerging type of formal license. Different from the strict binding and restriction of file license for computers, cloud license can be used in any state of computer network. After purchasing the cloud license, you can use the SuperMap GIS software anytime, anywhere by simply logging into your SuperMap Online account.

If you can use the SuperMap GIS products in a networked environment and want to use them in a variable cloud environment (such as Kubernetes, Docker), it is recommended you buy GIS cloud licensing. SuperMap Online supports the purchase and management of cloud licenses. After purchase, license information is automatically assigned to your SuperMap Online account without complicated configuration. You can log into your account to manage and use cloud licenses, you can also assign licenses to others on demand. The number of remaining days for the cloud license is calculated based on the date you purchased it and the expiration time.

SuperMap Online offers SuperMap GIS 10i and 9D versions, it also offers the 8.1.1 and later file licenses for the 8C product series, with the option to purchase the Basic, Professional, or Premium editions. You can select the extension modules and license time as needed also.

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