SuperMap Online Introduction

The SuperMap online GIS platform ( helps users to realize the security of GIS data, which provides a bulk of tools for online visualization and analysis of data. It provides several categories of SDK access and GIS data to facilitate convenient development system.

SuperMap Online is designed with the aim to help developers, data service providers, scientific research institutions and developers to speedily achieve business data security cloud. By using cloud storage and cloud analysis services of GIS platform online, you can easily apply GIS abilities to business systems without purchasing and forming software systems by yourself.

GIS Cloud Storage

  • Easily ready to Use: 2D/3D data (SuperMap workspace, Excel, OSGB, S3M, etc.) secure on the cloud, which can be browsed, queried, edited and analyzed through cloud applications.

  • Remotely: Download and share data anytime and anywhere through Web, PC and mobile.

  • Say no to worries: The system comes with GIS cluster, health monitoring and self-recovery. Users do not need to care about server deployment and operation and maintenance.

GIS Cloud Analysis

  • It offers six varieties of GIS cloud analysis services, which include path navigation services, geocoding services and coordinate conversion services.

  • Accomplish online spatial data analysis, including buffers, interpolation, overlays and extraction contours/surfaces.

GIS Cloud Application

  • Rich WebApps: DataInsight, DataViz, 3D earth, online interactive display and editing and analysis of data.

  • Useful Output: Several ways to share online. You can also easily download analysis reports with one click.

GIS Cloud Host

  • Quick access: Get GIS cloud host online and easily build your dedicated public network GIS server.

GIS Cloud Development

  • REST API: GIS cloud storage interface includes uploading, publishing, downloading GIS data and GIS cloud analysis service interface e.g. geocoding.

  • Several Client SDK: JavaScript, Python, Android, iOS, etc. to facilitate the invocation of cloud storage and cloud analysis services.

Geographical Thematic Data

  • Rich Thematic Data: High Resolution Remote Sensing image data, national address database, national road network data, population data, economic data, resources data, environmental etc.