What's New

New features (2021-01-05)

Add multiple product license purchases

Add the purchase of multiple product development licenses, including:

  • SuperMap iObjects Java 8C/9D/10i
  • SuperMap iObjects .NET 8C/9D/10i
  • SuperMap iMobile Android 10i
  • SuperMap iMobile iOS 10i

Support the purchase of licenses for the core module files of SuperMap iServer 10i products.

Support purchase of 3D GIS game engine development platform license.

License purchase and usage optimization

You can change the number of 'Base Platform', and purchase multiple sets of file licenses once.

Support '.licc' format file license generation

After you purchases the file license, you can activate and generate a file license in the '.licc' format in 'My Order', which can be used in the SuperMap iServer core module.

Add cloud license batch operation function

If you purchase cloud licenses, you will be defaulted as authorized users. You can use the batch operation function to recycle or allocate licenses in batches.

Chang the calculation method of cloud license available days

After the user completes the purchase, the cloud license takes effect immediately, and the remaining days will be calculated based on the purchase date and the expiration time. Users who purchased cloud licenses before November 17, 2020 still retain the calculation method of deducting the remaining days of the cloud license based on the number of days of use.

Improve account management functions

You can log in to SuperMap Online with email address, mobile phone number or username, and a WeChat scan code login method is added.

Add the user real name verification on the account management page, and support the modification and unbinding function of current mobile phone number and e-mail address.

New features (2020-10-26)

Data Insight

Cooperate with Tencent's location big data, focusing on real-time population distribution in the area. Multi-dimensional simultaneous analysis, in-depth mining of data value. Analysis results can also be added to the workbench with one click, you can make regional population data analysis reports quickly.

Support uploading excel and csv file data that does not contain spatial location information.

The map create in the Dataviz can be connected to the Data Insight workbench to produce richer insight reports.


Add a variety of map style configurations to provide richer mapping capabilities.

  1. Add two commonly used line styles: road and railway line. You can set suitable colors and widths for roads and railways to match the overall style of the map.

  2. Support to set the offset of the point symbol. When point features use marker style symbols, such as , you can align the bottom of the point symbol to the coordinate point to optimize the visual experience, you can modify the offset to achieve effect.

  3. Support setting labels along the line for displaying labels on line elements, such as rivers and roads. The display position of the labels can be adjusted by setting the alignment baseline.

  4. Support to modify the label position of point elements, providing 9 positions relative to the element's include right above, upper left corner, etc.

  5. Add contour style configuration for the label, support for setting contour color and width.

Support adding map latitude and longitude grid.

The label layer supports drawing Bezier curves.

New features updated on(2020-05-22)

Improve user registration

Support overseas mobile phone number registration, covering more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, America and Africa

Support mobile phone registration in China's 155 and 199 segments


Added support for setting the visible scale range of the layer

Added support for adding GeoJSON data from the web

The layer can be refreshed automatically. When the map keeps browsing, the auto refresh function can keep the data up to date

Support to set the font size of the label

Fix and optimization

  • Solve the problem of failing to add data in DataViz
  • Fix the issue that the sharing key is not available
  • Fix the 404 problem in the "Account Information" and "My Maps" pages in the account popup
  • Support to add GeoJSON data with the suffix * .json


Fix and optimization

  • Solve the problem of failing to add data in DataInsights
  • Fix the issue that the sharing key is not available
  • Support to add GeoJSON data with the suffix * .json

New features updated on(2019-03-21)

DataViz Optimization and Update

Add more varieties of dot symbols to efficiently visulize the map

The following map uses the new point symbols.

Fix multiple deficiencies and improve sharing experience

New features Updated on(2019-01-04)

MyCloud License Page Optimization

  • Easy to interpret and assign purchased Cloud Licenses
  • Visualize Cloud License usage logs, and take full control of Cloud License usage: check, which account, when, and where to Login

The New introduction of GIS Cloud Analysis (Click here to Browse)

Introducing two new Web Apps for GIS Cloud Application

Furthermore, you can experience 5 web apps for free on SuperMap Online, click here to view more free resources.

Introducing new Web App: DataEditor (Click here to browse)

Introducing new Web App: MapStyler (Click here to browse)


For more historic and new features, please refer to: What's New 2018-2016

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