Dynamic projection and map output

After publishing the data as data service, it can be used for the project development. But it may cause data deviation problem if two coordinate systems of the data service and the business data are inconsistent. The problem can be solved by modifying a new coordinate system for the data then publishing it, which needs a relatively higher cost. Besides that method, the dynamic projection method of the data service can be used to solve the problem.

Step1 Open the published service, choose the target coordinate system.

Refer to the projection3.html descriptions, open the published service URL. Operate as follows:

  • Open the map list
  • Click a map, open its descriptions
  • Choose the target coordinate system.

Step2 Check the map after the dynamic projection

Finish the settings. Now you can view the map descriptions by the image operation.

  • Go to the bottom of the page, view "Supported operations”
  • Click “image operation”
  • View the map information after dynamic projection

Step3 Overlay the converted layer with Baidu maps

With the API provided by SuperMap Online, the layer after dynamic projection can be overlaid with other maps such as Baidu maps. Verify the output effect of the dynamic projection by checking the overlay effect. The following is a part of online Demo:

Online Demo: Layer overlay GCJ02 calibration

Online Demo: Layer overlay Baidu maps

Online Demo: Layer overlay Tianditu-Mercator

Online Demo: Layer overlay Tianditu

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