How to Mapping Online

SuperMap Online provides an online mapping platform and hosting service for your maps and data.

Add a base map

SuperMap Online supports multiple ways to add base maps for your project, including commonly used urban road maps, image maps and topographic maps from AMap, Tianditu and Baidu etc..

Add layers to base map

After the base map is configured, you could use the "Layers" tab to add layers like Web Layers and Marker Layers.

1. Add a Web Layer

Add a web layer in either of the two ways below:

  • Add by search: search the current portal to find all the Web maps that have the same coordinate systems with the base map.
  • Add by url: add the url of iServer REST, OGC WMS, OGC WMTS Web services.

2. Add a Marker Layer

Use the Layer Manager to add a marker layer, then configure the marker layer by specifying the layer style, feature drawing style, layer name, and operations including deleting a layer.

Users can draw interactively on the marker layer, e.g. drawing a polygon to specify an extent. You could double click to finish drawing a featuer. Then a "Edit property" diog will popup, you can input details for your feature. Also, you can change styles for your feature. For example, you can click "Change Symble" to change the fill color of the polygon.

Map Settings

During or after map editing, you can edit the map name and description in Map Settings. You can add tabs for a map.

You can also set the map center and zoom levels.

Save and Save As

After the map is edited, you can save it for future use.

You can also save it as another copy for sharing with other users for browsing and editing.

For all your saved maps, you can check them in "My Contents"-> "My Maps".

Share your map

You can click "Share" to share your map to other people. Or find the saved map in "My Maps", click "share" and then the "Copy URL" button to share your map.