Development authorization

What's development authorization(Key)

Development authorization is the application key used in the online development, which is the service password identification, a security system to protect the user's data published in the cloud platform.

If you want to use the online services or API resource for Web development, first please apply a Key. Key is a kind of service password identification, composed with 24 random letters and numbers, to protect the online services.

How to use Key

The developer accesses the service by adding the key to the service URL like this:

The part before “?” is the service URL, and the part after it is the key request parameter.

Limitation of Key

The key is used in two kinds services:

  • Basic GIS services, Use limit for all key: 5,000 times of request / day for free.

SuperMap Online provides basic GIS services, such as path navigation, geocoding, transportation transfer, etc, free for the developers. If you apply a key, you can use these GIS services.

  • REST map services of the uploaded user data, Use limit for all key: 10,000 times of request / day for free.(To request one tile means one time of request).

That is, if you want to use the published REST map service of your data, firstly you need to apply a key, then access the service by the key, which is also a method to protect your data security.

IP setting for applying the key:

  • IP means the IP address of the application site of the developer, only the requests from this site can access the service successfully.

  • If IP is set to, it means no IP limitation for the access, and it is used for the test. It is not recommended to use this way in real application.

Description of the request error code

The following is the returned information of the error request:

Request response:

“errorMsg”:”the request keys have been the maximum number

code is the error code, errorMsg is error details.

  • 200:the server has performed the HTTP request of the client successfully.
  • 400: request error. The request parameters of the client are not valid or there are not enough information, or other reason.
  • 401: the resource operation is not finished because of security issue, maybe the key is wrong, or the service is wrong, or the request IP is not accepted.
  • 404:The requested service is not available, that is, the URL is invalid.
  • 406: The resource doesn't support the required format.
  • 500: An exception occurs on the server side so as that the request is not finished.

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