Platform Income Rules

The platform mainly provides point trading. You can view your points earning details on the "Console", "Revenue Management" page, and you can also view your points earning details on the points task claim your daily login points reward here. You can earn points by nominating resources, and you can also earn corresponding points after others purchase resources.

The detailed points transaction method is as follows:

Earn Points

Operation Points Explain
New user sign up 20 Points Complete account registration and login, each account can only be obtained once.
Log in 3 Points After logging in every day, you can go to the point task to claim it, and you can only claim it once a day.
Nominate normal resource 10 Points Nominated a resource, and it is confirmed as a common resource after being reviewed.
Nominate excellent resource 20 Points Nominated a resource, and it is confirmed as an excellent resource after being reviewed.
Resources are purchased List price Other users use points to purchase your resources, and each time they are purchased, they will get corresponding price points.

Note: Users who have registered and logged in to SuperMap Online before the points function online, will be given 20 points by default, one time per account.

Consumption Points

Operation Points Explain
Purchase Priced Resources List price Can be used multiple times after purchase.

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