Cloud Storage

GIS cloud storage, your "GIS cloud disk". Support for uploading, storing, publishing and other operations of GIS data in multiple formats, such as UDB/Shapefile/Excel/CSV/GeoJSON and other spatial data. You can upload your data anytime and anywhere, and we will safely and stably host your data and services.

You only need to register and log in to SuperMap Online, then you can enjoy 500Mb of free data storage space and 5,000 hosting data visits per day. You can also get more storage space and data access times through purchase. For the thematic geographic data provided for you by SuperMap Online for free, you can experience it at any time without limiting the number of visits, and download and call it on demand.

You can directly call your uploaded data or published services in Cloud Application. For the operation process, please refer to Data Upload and Use. You can also use the cloud storage API to call the maps and services you made on the web to develop your GIS application system. For the usage method, please refer to Cloud Storage API.

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