Cloud License

The SuperMap GIS cloud license is a new type of official license, which is different from the strict binding and restriction of the file license to the computer. The cloud license can be used in any computer networked state. After purchasing the cloud license, you only need to log in to your SuperMap Online account to use SuperMap GIS software anytime and anywhere.

Before using the cloud license, you need to Purchase Cloud License. The buyer's account will be the license authorized user by default. After the purchase is completed, you can use the Cloud License in the SuperMap software. Buyers can also allocate and manage licenses as needed, and users who have obtained licenses can use cloud licenses in software.

The general use process is as follows:

SuperMap Online provides you with online purchase of cloud licenses for a variety of SuperMap GIS series software, and supports the purchase of SuperMap GIS 10i and 9D versions, as well as 8C product series 8.1.1 and later cloud licenses. You can go to SuperMap Technical Resource Center to download the latest product package.

The license period ranges from 1 week to 3 years, and you can choose according to your needs. Currently, the purchase of "perpetual license" is not supported. If necessary, please consult +86-10-59896655 or other contact information.

Products that can be purchased online include:

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