Use Plotting Service Online


Plotting service is used to obtain label library information and label information. The service can dynamically draw point labels and line and surface labels, it could independently modify the style of each label, as well as flexibly modify the position and details of the label.

Notes: Plotting service does not currently support international services, and address resolution is limited to China.

Applicable Situation

  • Plotting can use vivid vector symbols to describe various business objects, represent various resources, and dynamically render business progress and processes.
    For example: Combining electronic maps to achieve two-dimensional dynamic plotting of command and dispatch plans such as military combat plans, emergency response plans, and public security round-up plans.

Use Plotting Service

  • Instructions for use:
    The first step is to apply for a Key.
    In the second step, refer to the request parameter description to initiate an HTTP/HTTPS request. The Key applied in the first step must be sent as a required parameter.
    The third step is to receive the data returned by the request (json\xml\jsonp format), and refer to the returned result to explain the analysis data.

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