Use Path Navigation Service Online


Path Navigation is a service that provides optimal route planning based on road network data and road network rules, mainly providing routes analysis function. The route navigation service is very valuable in the fields of transportation, logistics, urban planning, daily travel, etc. The service realizes the function of generating a navigation route by analyzing the input starting point, passing point, and ending point. Support three navigation path analysis modes: the shortest distance, no high speed, and recommended mode.

Note: Path navigation service does not currently support international services, and address resolution is limited to China.

Applicable Situation

  • If you do not need to display a map, and only require to perform route query, such as displaying the path planning results in an array, and the order of the resulting paths in the array corresponds to the order of the paths when the request is sent.
    For example: according to the coordinates of the start and end points, search for qualified truck driving route planning schemes, or logistics route planning.

Use Navigation Analysis Service: