Use Reverse Geocoding Service Online


Reverse geocoding service realizes the function of obtaining the corresponding normalized address description by entering the coordinate information of the address.

Note: Reverse geocoding service does not currently support international services, and address resolution is limited to China.

Applicable Situation

Convert the latitude and longitude into a detailed structured address.
For example: {"x":116.5058,"y":39.9855} After the address description is translated: Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District, Beijing Supermap Building, Supermap Software

Use Reverse Geocoding Service:

  • Instructions for use:
    The first step is to apply for a Key.
    In the second step, refer to the request parameter description to initiate an HTTP/HTTPS request. The Key applied in the first step must be sent as a required parameter.
    The third step is to receive the data returned by the request (json\xml\jsonp format), and refer to the returned result to explain the analysis data.

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