Use Geocoding Services Online


Geocoding, also known as address matching, refers to the process of mapping addresses to geographic coordinates, and provides a way to convert the geographic location information displayed through text descriptions into geographic coordinates.

The geocoding service realizes the function of converting address or place name descriptions into corresponding geographic coordinates and structured address descriptions. Pass the specific address information through the address parameter, and pass the area of the specific access address through the city parameter, that is, the coordinate information of the address can be obtained. The geocoding service of SuperMap Online uses the maximum probability word segmentation method in the address matching process to solve the problem of how to segment words. For special characters, the geocoding service is compatible with full-width characters, spaces, and special characters (#, |, etc.). The geocoding service also supports batch address matching, and up to 10 pieces of address data can be passed in one request.

Note:Geocoding service does not currently support international services, and address resolution is limited to China.

Applicable Situation

Convert the detailed address description and city range to latitude and longitude coordinates.
For example: Enter "SuperMap Software" in the address field, and "Beijing City" in the city field, and the converted latitude and longitude are "116.505722, 39.985586".

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