Use SuperMap Online Cloud Analysis Service

Service Type

SuperMap Online provides a variety of online analysis services to meet your location analysis needs. These cloud analysis services support GET and HEAD requests, and the return format supports the json\xml\jsonp format. You can directly call these services through HTTP\HTTPS requests in the business system, or you can combine the data services stored in the GIS Cloud Storage with the above-mentioned cloud analysis services for application development.

These Cloud Analysis include:

Usage Restrictions

To call the REST API, you need to bring your own key. You need to apply for the key before using the API. You can apply for a key in SuperMap Online. If you don’t have a SuperMap Online account, you need to register an account, each user (including all keys under the account) has a limit of 10,000 access requests per day for public data services.

For a detailed description of the key, please refer to: Detailed Explanation of Development Authorization

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